Ezytek Clean is the largest upholstery cleaner manufacturer in Noida. Our upholstery cleaners are perfect for homes, offices and professional cleaning service providing facilities. It is imperative to ensure that upholstery cleaners are lightweight, powerful and durable before making a decision to buy one.

Our Upholstery cleaner range suffices the requirements of both, domestic and commercial use. For instance, one can use the smaller model in homes and small offices. Similarly, the bigger model is adequate for offices or professional cleaning service facilities.

We have 2 upholstery cleaner variants:


It is a perfect match for small offices and domestic use. This upholstery cleaner comes with a 1200 watt motor and has best in class suction power.


Specially designed to be used in offices and commercial cleaning service providing facilities. Not only it is powerful, it is surprisingly easy to move around.

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