We are a premium quality Floor Scrubbing Machine Manufacturer. Based out of Noida, we are revolutionizing the cleaning industry with our wide range of cleaning products. We have a wide range of floor scrubbing machines. Our Scrubbers are made for scrubbing, cleaning, buffing and polishing all types of floor surfaces.

We are offering the following products in our Scrubbers category:

Single Disc Scrubbers

Available in both 13 & 16 inch disc option, this one is ideal for scrubbing and buffing purposes.

Scrubbers Driers Walk behind

Easy to use walk behind scrubbers. Choose from 3 different options with a choice of battery and electric motor. Enough to clean large surface areas. Best in it’s class and highly effective.

Scrubbers Driers Rider On

Rider On Scrubbers let’s the operator drive it to the cleaning location and with a large storage container it makes the job easy.

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