The best choice for a mid size car wash agency are High Pressure Car Washer Pumps. They are small, convenient, easy to use and affordable. Additionally, these are a perfect fit in your facility if you have limited space. Unlike, automatic car wash systems, these can moved around, fixed on the wall and notably can be stored as per the convenience of the user.

At Ezytek clean, we offers 4 different types of High Pressure Car Washer Pump systems:

Easy Car Washer 2.2HP

A small and portable car wash machine which is suitable for small facilities. Despite it’s small size it houses strong and highly efficient 2.2 HP engine.

Suitcase Type Car Washer

Given that it is built like a suitcase which is easy to move. This one is ideal for door to door car wash along with washing in closed spaces.

Trolley Mount Car Washer

It is mounted on top of a trolley so that it can be moved easily. Comes with a range of 3HP – 10HP engine options.

Wall Mount Car Washer

This is fixed on a wall and of course, gives the freedom of movement to the user.

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