Ezytek Clean Pvt. Ltd. is the leading automatic car wash manufacturer in India.

Our research and development team is continuously innovating new products resulting in improved performance and also making them economical to use. Best in class car wash machines at surprisingly better pricing.

Our Automatic Car Wash range offers the following products:


Touchless Jet Car Wash

A powerful car wash system for instant cleaning. Nozzle spray system to clean a car from every corner and notably doing that with low water consumption.


Touchless Jet Car Wash with Dryer

This automatic jet wash system comes with a strong and significantly powerful dryer unlike other products in the market. Truly touchless as no human assistance needed to dry the car.


Touchless Automatic Jet Wash

Easy on the surface yet highly effective. This brush wash machine is for pro-level facility. Guaranteed to provide highest quality standards owing to its power clean technology. This coupled with our robotic underbody car washer cleans a within minutes.


Robotic Underbody Car Washer

It’s rotating nozzle spray cleans the underbody of a car and removes dirt, organic and non-organic material especially from tricky areas. An all important addition to your car wash facility.

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