Ezytek Clean Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of Car Wash Accessories Noida. Our products allows the user to clean cars underbody, upholstery without leaving a trace of organic compound. We offer the following products



1. 10 Micron Filter – Removes impurities and cleans water.

2. Foam Bottle – Store cleaning foam in the bottle.

3. Foam Lance – For Spraying foam on the car.

4. Back Pad – 6 inch disk backup pad designed for professional use.

5. Boom – Fixable on the ceiling floor. Ideal for closed spaces.

6. Foam Lance with Bottle – Carry color foam and control the flow.

7. Glass Microfibre – Cleans the glass and leaves no dirt.

8. Gun with Quick Connect – Help you control the pressure flow of water.

9. Microfiber Cloth – Removes dust and particles with ease.

10. Long Lance – Ideal for long range cleaning.

11. Plain Orange Pad – Use for cleaning the surface.

12. Short Lance – For close range cleaning.

13. Spray Extraction Tool – Extract residual spray from corners.

14. Steam Gun – Allows you to control the steam output.

15. Steam Hose Pipe – 10 meter hose pipe for that extended reach.

16. Vacuum Cleaner Tools – Use the required tool for that desired vacuum function.

17. Wash Mitt – Wear it like a glove to manually clean the tricky surfaces.

18. Color Foam – Generates blue or pink colored foam for car washing.

19. Rotating Underbody Car Washer – Washes the underbody of the car without much trouble.

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