Founded in 2012, with a vision to enhance the power of cleaning. Ezytek clean presents a complete range of cleaning solutions with a professional approach. We offer Pro-level cleaning solutions using our advanced equipment range to change the way of cleaning. Our team of young and energetic professionals is experienced in various aspects of cleaning business. They carry forward the vision of our organization. Our priority is to ensure that our clients achieve success. For that, we guide and communicate our clients during the whole buying and installation process to make sure we understand the requirements and give them the best possible solutions. We are among the leading exporters and manufacturers of eco-friendly, economical & trouble-free high pressure pump, Automobile Cleaning Equipment etc.

Based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Ezytek Clean Pvt. Ltd brings advanced car wash solutions at the Competitive prices. We are known to deliver quality solutions within the promised timeline. Ezytek Clean Pvt. Ltd. operates with core ethics of integrity, client focus and innovation. With assistance of our skilled and experienced workforce, we design custom cleaning equipment matching the exact needs of our clients. Our products are easy to use, durable and economical than most products available in market. We specialize in production of cleaning equipment such as High Pressure Car Washers, Automatic Car Washers, Scrubbers, Sweepers, Hot and Cold Car Washers, Vacuum Cleaners and accessories. We make sure that our response team is ready to step up in case our client need us in case of emergencies.


Our company operates on the core ethics of integrity, client focus and innovation. In addition, we believe in customer satisfaction. We focus on client requirements and provide custom solution to match their specifications accordingly.


Our vision is to enhance the power of cleaning. We provide customized cleaning solutions such as high pressure pumps, automatic car wash, vacuum cleaners and accessories. At Ezytek, we believes in continuous innovation and research to make us the best cleaning equipment provider in India.